I Believe in doing.


If elected, I will not run for a third term. In fact, if I do not make progress on my Goals, I will not run for a second term

The Platform



The City of Calgary is in a difficult financial position. Nearly every dollar of the 4 billion dollar revenue the City has, is from one of two sources. Property tax, both Residential & Business, and user fees. These encompass a wide variety of things, and to be clear, are paid by the people of Calgary. We do not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.

If we do not see a change of mindset, it is abundantly clear that Property taxes will continue to rise, and as businesses are driven out of the city because of the disproportionate tax rates brought upon them, residential tax rates will have to be increased to absorb the losses. This is an economical reality and one needs only look at the effects of the empty downtown office space - Councils only solution was to raise taxes to compensate.  

The careless spending must stop!

Politicians tout “lower taxes” during an election year but none of them have the slightest idea how to do this. I am not going to promise lower taxes, but I will state that it is possible to limit future tax increases by controlling our spending. I want to see our great City diversify its economy and build strength from home grown Entrepreneurs and attract new businesses from emerging sectors, with attractive taxation incentives. As your Ward 8 representative, I will work tirelessly to rejuvenate our struggling commercial areas with realistic, achievable goals and responsible spending. 

I have a proven record of business creation, and I see endless opportunities for Calgary to diversify our income sources away from the backs of our citizens.


 I will oppose the “In Camera” sessions at Calgary City Hall and I will work to establish a web page dedicated to the show the vote records of all City Council members including the Mayor. 

If elected, I will serve the residents of Ward 8. It is your right to know how I am voting on issues that matter to you.



I was taught to speak the truth. Throughout my life, I have appreciated hearing the truth and have delivered the same. Those who know me will attest to that. As Ward 8 Councillor, I will not cloud the truth with ambiguous wording. 

The truth before and after the Election.


I will engage the voters of Ward 8 and my voice will align with theirs. I do not have the need to leave an infrastructure legacy behind, nor do I have any personal agendas. 

I will advocate for the residents of Ward 8 and their best interests.

Our current council chambers are completely dysfunctional with the inappropriate bickering, name calling, and partisan alliances. This is not how professionals act. There is too much talking and not enough doing. 

I have the necessary skills for the job of Ward 8 Councillor to negotiate with my colleagues in a respectful manner in order to focus on the good of Ward 8, and the City as a whole.


Trust is earned, not given. As your Ward 8 councillor, I will strive every day to show you that after the Election, I am who I claimed to be, before the Election. 

I will earn the respect of Ward 8 Residents and business owners. 


I will call on my City Council to pass this motion and to request the Provincial Government to amend the Local Authorities Election Act to permit individual Municipalities the option of placing term limits.

A term limit would help protect the best interests of our city’s future.


I will call on my colleagues to pass a motion and to request the Provincial Government to amend the Local Authorities Election Act to permit individual Municipalities the option of placing spending limits on Campaigns to $100,000. This will level the playing field and alter the current pattern of whoever has the most money wins. The 2017 Municipal election proved that money wins and I believe that this can lead to an environment of “What goes around comes around”. Some councillors spent as much as $300,000 more than their competitor to secure their win and in fact, the elected spent $2,673,612.00 and all but one of them, out spent their opponents by tens of thousands.

Encyclopedia Britannica includes the following line in the meaning of transparency in Politics: “includes corruption control and fair financing of election campaigns”. 

The chart below was created with the official 2017 Councillor campaign expense declarations from the City of Calgary website.

This is a poor representation of Democracy.


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